Encourage your students to apply for a Merit Award. Your vote of confidence can make a world of difference.

Through the generous donations of our sponsors we have been able to add schools to the program and now have 45 participating schools and 19 alternative education sites and have awarded a total of 153 bursaries.

The Merit Award program has three different bursary awards:
– Returning to high school: $500 award
– Pursuing post-secondary education:  $750 award and $2000 awards for those most exceptional and deserving


Who is eligible to apply?

All full time Grade 11 and 12 students at participating schools are eligible to apply.

Merit Award recipients must be enrolled as full-time students the following school year to receive the bursary. Confirmation of enrollment (in Grade 12 or post-secondary) can be either a letter from the school or a course itinerary.

To request a visit

Please email to request a visit or Merit Award presenter at your Commencement/Graduation.

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