Why Support the Merit Award

Successful Track Record

For over 20 years and without government funding, the Merit Award Bursary Program has helped Toronto high school students stay in school and recognized the students that have demonstrated a commitment to their school work, extra-curricular activities and community.

Grassroots Initiative

Started and operated by a group of residents that wanted to promote higher education in their own community, identified a need, and took action on it.

Minimal Operating Expenses

Over 90% of our funding goes directly to Merit Award bursaries.

Partnering with Educators

The Merit Awards have grown to include 45 participating high schools and 19 alternative education sites and assisted over 2,100 Toronto high school students to stay in school since 1996.

Rewarding Commitment

The program has provided nearly $1.4 million in bursaries to recognize students who have demonstrated commitment to their academic studies, extra-curricular activities, and contribution to the community.

Staying in School is Key

Students are provided with the bursary funds only when they return to either grade 12 or a post-secondary institution in the year following the granting of the award.


Make a difference in the life of a student and in doing so, the life of your community


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