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Why support the Merit Award?

Sponsor a program that helps Toronto high school students stay in school

Post Secondary Education is the best investment for all of us because:

  • Greater education co-relates with lower unemployment
  • Post-secondary graduates on average earn significantly more than those with less education
  • Future job growth will be most significant in occupations requiring higher education
  • Happiness and life satisfaction also tend to increase with education 1

Did you know that those with less than a high school diploma:

  • Had employment rates of only 64% for young men and 41% for young women aged 25-34 in 2016?
  • Had lower employment rates in 2016 than in earlier years?
  • Had a median individual income of $19,000 in 2014, compared to $31,200 for those with a trade certificate/college diploma, and $37,400 for those with a university degree? 2
  • The unemployment rate for 25-29 year olds in Ontario in 2016 was 13.4% for those with less than a high school diploma, compared with 5.3% and 6.3% for those with college and university degrees.

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