How to Receive Funds

All Merit Award Recipients must provide verification that you have enrolled and are registered as a full-time student in the school year following the Award (unless a one year extension is requested and granted) in order to receive your bursary. 

What are acceptable verification documents:

We will accept either one of the following verification documents:

1.  A brief letter from your school’s administration/registrar’s office confirming your registration as a full time student in the current school year (preferable)


2.  A copy of your tuition payment receipt plus your course schedule


  • All verification documentation must have your name and school clearly identified.
  • We will accept screenshots from the college or university website containing the information outlined in #2 above, but please ensure that your name and school’s logo are shown on all screenshots.
  • We will not accept a letter of acceptance from your school as confirmation of enrollment and attendance on a full-time basis.
  • Please ensure you keep a copy of the documentation for your own records. In the event your documentation is not received, you would need to be able to provide us with another copy.

When will I receive the bursary?

We must receive the appropriate verification documents and your current address before we issue your bursary.  After we receive your confirmation of enrollment, a bursary cheque will be issued, payable to the bursary recipient (not to any educational institutions) and sent to you by mail.  It will take up to 4 weeks for you to receive the bursary cheque.

How do I submit the verification documents:

By Completing the Verification Form in your FluidReview account.