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There are many different volunteer opportunities available within the Merit Award.  Do you like web design and social media?  Is writing more your thing?  How about event management?  Maybe sales?  Let us know what you are interested in and we can find an area for you to help.  Email to find out about the opportunities available.

5th Annual Bowling for Bursaries
5th Annual Bowling for Bursaries 150 150 admin

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors and teams who participated in our 5th Annual Bowling for Bursaries Fundraiser! We raised over $55,000 that will go directly towards funding bursaries for well deserving students at our Awards Ceremony on June 7th.


Why Apply?
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The Merit Award Bursary Program provides recognition and bursaries of $500 for those staying in secondary school, or $750/$2000 for those going to post-secondary. All full time Grade 11 and 12 students in schools which have selected to participate in the program, are eligible to apply.