Inspiring youth to pursue higher education and contribute to the community.

students who stay in school

those who overcome challenges

contributors to the community

Bursaries Awarded Since 1996
Amount Distributed in 2017
Recipients Proceed to Next Year of School

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The Merit Award Bursary Program

The Merit Award Bursary Program was started in 1996 by a group of Toronto residents who felt it was important to support and encourage high school students to stay in school.

The first bursaries were awarded to 20 high school students in the fall of 1996.  Since 1996, the Merit Award has provided 2,174 bursaries to high school students in Toronto.

One in three applicants is awarded a bursary.  Three types of bursaries are awarded: $500 for students returning to high school, $750 for students going to post-secondary, and $2000 for select outstanding contributors.  In 2017, Merit distributed $122,750 and inspired 153 students in Toronto to advance their education.

The Merit Award is a grassroots organization.  96% of students who receive a Merit Award proceed to the next year of school.  Most of the students that apply for the Merit Award have endured considerable personal and financial hardships.

The volunteers and board members of the Merit Award want to make a difference in the life of local students and in doing so, the life of the community.